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About - Maui Singing Bowl

Maui Singing Bowl

Experience a Unique Sonorous Path of Relaxation

A completely new dimension in relaxation awaits you in Wailea on the Island of Maui. The Worldʻs only giant singing bowl promises you a unique experience. You will feel countless vibrations as a wonderful deeply resonant sound envelopes you.

Unlike any other treatment in the world, the ceremony in the giant Maui singing bowl pampers and relaxes you deeply. A thousand frequencies flow through your body, stimulating each and every cell to vibrate harmoniously. It is not only the deeply resonant tone that will enchant you. You will feel above all a particular sensation of lightness and will reach a deep state of relaxation. To do so, you will comfortably lie in the hammock suspended above the the bowl.

The design of the giant Maui singing bowl is a result of 15 years of development based on studies of the effect and functionality of traditional singing bowls in Asia. The Giant Maui Singing bowl is made of solid bronze employing state-of-the-art casting technology. It is a true masterpiece of craftsmanship with a diameter of 1.76 meters and a weight of 1.2 tons. In this size and function, the giant singing bowl is a worldwide one-of-a-kind, and is now located in a dedicated space in Wailea, Maui.

Experience for yourself how the tone and millions of vibrations wonderfully relax you.

Book your Maui Singing Bowl ceremony today – only in Wailea, Maui.


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“Awesome feeling! If you’re ever on Maui this is a must do.”

Adrian Kukua